Here is Why You Should Subscribe to an Online Fashion Magazine!

Does your heart misses a beat when you see a fashionable accessory or do you make it a point to follow every latest trend in the world of fashion? You are not alone as the world of fashion has millions of fans. One of oldest ways for men to keep pace with the every new fashion is through the lifestyle magazines. However, with the digitalyzation of today’s world, even these lifestyle and fashion magazines have become digital in the form of an online fashion magazine.

In the section below, let us understand the importance of best men’s magazines online in the lives of today’s men :

Specific target audience – One of the biggest advantages of these online fashion magazines is that they cater to men’s audiences in different age group. The highlights of these magazines are the latest on the runways whether it is cloth, accessories or even fashion advice.

Lesser advertisements – Most online magazines have almost half the number of advertisements in comparison to the printed versions. There are high standards of content maintained in order to give the readers an exclusive experience. This does not mean that they eliminate the advertisements.

Cost effectiveness – Steep subscription charges are a common issue for most readers. This is a deterring factor when it comes to maintaining long-term leadership and loyalty. Most online fashion magazines have a small subscription charges or may be available free of charge.

Best in fashion – These magazines offer its readers a treat in the form of rich multimedia features. It has the best from the biggest runways around the globe like Paris, Milan, New York, London and Dubai.

Frequent publishing cycles – Most of these magazines have frequent publishing cycles, which can be either on alternate days, weekly, fortnight and monthly. In the fashion world, where the trends change in a day, readers require constant updates. An online fashion magazine ensures that a reader no longer has to wait until the printed version arrives to get the latest updates.

Advice – Most of these magazines offer advice to its readers by answering to queries. Most magazines also have a section where ensembles are exhibited for the convenience of its readers along with links where they can buy these clothes and accessories.

6 Sizzling Summer Sarees

When the Indian summer is around the corner, it’s time to bring out those linens and cotton attire for comfortable wear. There is nothing more graceful and comfy as adorning yourself on five meters of flowing and breathable fabric as a traditional handloom saree, or a printed cotton-silk saree. Although Indian handloom sarees originate in only a few states, they are steeped in our rich heritage.

The average handloom saree takes the effort of 2 to 3 people who work for 3 to 10 days weaving threads on a shuttle-pit loom made of ropes and wooden beams. These traditional weavers of India are simple people who work hard to weave every saree by hand. They contribute handsomely to the Indian cottage industries and are usually from Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Uttar Pradesh, Bengal, Orissa and Madhya Pradesh. The sarees are almost always made from either cotton, silk or a blend of both silk and cotton threads. There are many varieties of handloom sarees such as homespun khadi to rich Banarasi silk, and there’s one for every occasion. We will take a closer look at pure cotton handloom, cotton-silk and linen printed sarees as well as Banarasi cotton and tussar silk varieties.

Cotton Handloom Sarees

Add a touch of class and elegance to your summer look adorned in chettinad cotton saree made from pure cotton in pastel spring/ summer shades.


Beautiful Banarasi Cotton Sarees

When silver and golden threads are intricately weaved by master craftsmen who hail from Varanasi. Banarasi silks are very heavy sarees, fit to be worn at important occasions like weddings and by brides. The quality of zari, that is in gold or silver is what makes the Benarasi sari stand out from other weaves.

These cotton handloom sarees online are enhanced with zari woven resham embroidery will bring a breath of freshness and a grace to your wardrobe.

Trendy Tussar Silk Sarees

Our pick of designer handloom sarees in Tussar come in vibrant hues. Beside bright colours, tussar sarees are renowned for their breathable nature. Tussar sarees are not only famous in Bengal, but also in Chhattisgarh, Jharkhand and Bhalgalpur, where they are woven.

Red and black, or black and white hand block printed tussar silk sarees will give you a winning look at any summer party. Look trendy and sophisticated wearing a cream tussar silk handloom saree with unique zari work.

Gorgeous Ghicha and Jaquard Woven Sarees

If printed sarees are not to your liking, these Ghicha weaved tussar sarees in beige and black or fuchsia will look equally elegant. Jacquard woven tussar sarees like this pink and beige one will be perfect for any daytime monsoon or summer wedding. Pair these charming sarees with a matching kalamkari blouse, tailored to fit you perfectly, and you will be all set to rock the party and summer night outs.

Cotton-Silk Sarees

Look captivating in a charming kota-silk saree or cotton-silk saree with golden zari work or a simple chanderi saree with striped pattern.

Pretty Printed Cotton and Linen Sarees

Pretty prints work well on cool cotton fabric and they are easy to maintain and wear during hot summer months. Pick from the many colourful printed cotton sarees from estore to help you stay cool all day long. Make a unique style statement with a comfortable and vibrant organic linen saree with digital prints.