Clarins Beauty Products

Founded in 1954 by Jacques Clarins, this French cosmetics company is a global name in skin care products and perfumes. The name ‘Clarins’ stands for luxury and gentleness, as most of its skin care products are derived from plants. As confessed by Jacques Courtin-Clarins to a Malaysian newspaper, “From a very young age, I was exposed to the curative effects of plants by my mother and relatives who used herbs for medicine and treatment. I cannot conceive a product without plants.”

Clarins Beauty Products: What’s in Store?

Clarins continues its tradition of creating the most nourishing and gentle beauty products that cater to the varied needs of its customers. Some of the popular Clarins beauty products are:

Makeup Products: Eyes are often called the windows to the soul and what better way to enhance them than with Clarins Wonder Volume Mascara. It adds volume to your lashes and imparts them an exotic look. Similarly, the Nature Temptations Eye Palette is a set of six eye-shadow shades, packaged in a dazzling silver case, that help enhances your style and beauty.

Anti-Aging Products: Who says beauty cannot be preserved? Explore the anti-aging Clarins beauty products and stay young forever! The High Definition Body Lift cream, composed of eight plant extracts, can impart you that perfect body. Or, try the Line-Control Balm with special anti-aging ingredients that help solve all your skin-related aging concerns, or try the Clarins gesichtscreme for a beautiful and clean face.

Sun Protection and Suntan Products: The SOS Sunburn Soother gives you instant relief from sunburn by acting like a “sun bandage,” while the Sheer Bronze Self Tanning Hydrating Gel gives you a lasting tan without the need to expose yourself to the sun!

Perfumes: The Par Amour or created ‘for love’ perfumes are one of the hot favourites among women.

Others: Clarins beauty products also comprise powder compact, eye creams, blusher, moisturizers, hand cream and men’s cosmetics.

Evolution of Clarins

The journey of Clarins beauty products across Europe was almost complete by the end of 1960s. Then, in the early 1970s, the Group started its international ventures with its first exclusive contracts. By the end of 2005, Clarins beauty products were being distributed by 19 subsidiary companies, spread over 150 countries.

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