Things to Watch For When Importing China-Made Goods

Things to Watch For When Importing China-Made Goods

For a businessman, China would seem to be the land of flowing milk and honey. This is because most of the goods that are manufactured in China can be imported to one’s country at a low price. Since they are sold at cheap prices, you can sell them at a fairly low price in your country for a nice profit.

What most businessmen fail to notice is that China has yet to be Westernized and although it has made a name in manufacturing quality and cheap goods, there is still a part of the business world in China that remains unchanged. Importing business concerning China-made goods is a lucrative venture but you should watch out for things that you rarely encounter when dealing with your regular local suppliers.

1. In China, networking and connections work magic. If you are a businessman and you are just starting a importing from China to US business, it is advisable that you know someone from the area. If you scour the market on your own, you will have difficulty dealing with Chinese suppliers. This is because the industry lives and breathes on connections. They won’t entertain you unless you are accompanied by someone who has clout or is at the very least known and fairly reputable in the industry.

2. Because it remains a socialist system of government, the Chinese business industry is infested with corrupt individuals. Bribery is a very notorious matter and while most Chinese businessmen would want it eradicated they would prefer to keep mum about it because most of the time, politicians are the bigwigs behind this negative practice.

Things to Watch For When Importing China-Made Goods

3. China is under the authoritarian communist system of government. This is the reason why despite the Country’s success in manufacturing quality goods, it still is not a free-market economy. It is something that is different to infiltrate. Be careful in dealing with the suppliers because some of these suppliers answer directly to a certain politician. You would not want to be caught up in that dirty mess.

4. Chinese suppliers prefer to deal with local businessmen rather than foreign ones. If you want to be preferred over the local businessmen, take time to learn the culture and the language. This will help you close a deal.

5. Despite the good quality of unbranded goods, China is also the melting pot of fake merchandise. Take note that there are no authentic signature designs that are manufactured in China. Be careful in choosing the products that you wish to import from China. Illegal imitation is a very rampant crime in the manufacturing industry. Stick to unbranded products. This will surely sell in your country. Investing in fake products will not do you any good.

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