Who is Rania Dalloul

Rania Dalloul was born on 18th January, 1973 into a Lebanese family. Her parents – Mr. Fakhri Dalloul and Mrs. Maha Kaddoura – are well known in their home country and abroad.

The Dalloul family is originally from Lebanon, but Rania Dalloul’s life has taken her all over the world. Raised wherever her father’s business took the family, she eventually set down roots in France. There, she obtained a baccalaureate with honours in Economics from the Panthéon-Assas University, and later a degree in International Law from Paris-Sorbonne University. In between, she gained some valuable legal experience by working as an intern to President Jacques Chirac’s lawyer. Not only did she gain practical experience of managing multiple legal tasks at once, but she also became a skilled negotiator – an ability which now serves her well in her current position.

Mr. Fakhri Dalloul established Dalfa in early 1983. His expectations to build a powerful international company have been soon realised. The Dalfa Group is now one of the global leaders on the real estate market offering its clients prestigious commercial and residential properties all over the world and having its offices in USA, Lebanon, UAE and Nigeria. Since 2011 the Dalfa Group has also been successfully running a franchising business with restaurant chains (Domino’s Pizza, Cold Stone, Hardee’s, Moti Roti, etc.) and offering luxury yachts available to charter.

Rania Dalloul isn’t a member of the elite or a wealthy philanthropist. She is a family woman who combines her career with her family. As a professional legal advisor at Dalfa Group with remarkable support for her family, she is an epitome of good human being who works tirelessly for her family. But there’s something else she is — Rania Dalloul is an unsung hero; she’s a beacon in the dark.

Dalloul Rania is a complete woman with inbuilt features to replicate all that life has implanted in her. Her social philosophy which develops from her mother’s charity and social work is well represented in her works in the social and political spheres. Rania has not shown her commitment to the social and political emancipation of the socially and politically challenged by financial support alone; she contributed by participating in political and social walks and adopted 18 Indian orphans and participated in women cause, joining about 2.5 million protesters to protest President Trump’s policy on women’s rights.

Although she is not the much known public face, she has a big heart to help others who are in need. No wonder she continues to share blessings because giving brings her fulfillment.

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